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Unfortunately, not all of our industries are as exciting as the ones we see all the time.  Coaches, boutiques, brand stylists, home designers.  These things are the fun things, the cherry on top.  Our industries, the lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, not so much.  We are the necessary not the exciting.  However, that is why it […]



5 Reasons You Need A Personal Brand Even If You Are In A Boring Industry

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So you want to file a trademark, and you know you should hire an attorney, but how the heck do you know what attorney to hire?  I want to share with you some of the most important questions to ask when hiring the attorney that will be responsible for filing your application and helping you […]



Questions to ask before hiring a Trademark Attorney

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Hello and welcome to 2020! Can you believe it is already here? I really can’t but have a feeling it is going to be an awesome year. I am making lots of positive changes in my business after being in the entrepreneurial space for 11 years now, and am excited to share these changes with […]



What I’m Doing Differently in my Business in 2020


A checklist to help you determine whether it’s time for a trademark in your business.

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